Clearly seeing, forward thinking, focused action - these ideas are what I stand for.

Tobias Krampulz

How do you sustainably increase the value of your company? How do you, a committed business executive, gain more freedom for yourself? As a highly experienced corporate strategist, I can raise the questions that will bring you forward. 

As a companion on your road, where necessary, I lend a hand. For a Corporate Copilot doesn’t just give clever advice from a distance – he takes responsibility and supports you in the driving of your company. 

How can I strengthen you as you go by on your way? Read on and find out.

  • walks with you and brings entrepreneurial experience
  • brings clarity to complex situations and establishes structure 
  • presents new perspectives and reflections to you as an equal
  • mediates between the corporate world and the financial world
  • in times of crisis points out alternative paths
  • stands for high competence and low risk

More transparency
  • Clarity of vision & goals
  • Strategical positioning
  • Target-oriented financial communication
  • Orientation for employees
More profitability
  • Effective company strategy
  • Well-considered processes
  • Appropriate structures
  • Worthwhile investments
More CFO Competence
  • Financials
  • Contractual matters
  • IT-Structure
  • Personnel management
  • Crisis management

What would you like to have more time for? Where are you missing out?

With a Corporate Copilot on your side your mind and hands will be free much more often – and you will find time to focus on your strengths. For it is your strengths that will strengthen your company.

Gain more freedom for yourself

Make use of goal-oriented support rather than working constantly yourself. Take advantage of clear structures to protect yourself against time wasting, unprofitable dead-ends and sideshows. Recover your appreciation for the essentials and simultaneously create space for the development of your own ideas.

More about Tobias Krampulz

In 1977 I was born as the third youngest of 18 siblings in Siebenbürgen / Romania. In 1982, my family moved to Germany, where I found a new home in the Neckar-Alb region.

After completing my high school diploma in 1996, I completed a course of preparatory studies in law in Passau and Tübingen. This was followed by commercial training in Tübingen while simultaneously studying "International Financial Management" in Nürtingen and Fullerton (USA). In addition, I made my first experiences in supporting companies with business transactions while working for a management consulting firm.

I then spent more than seven years advising and supporting corporate clients of large banks. The focus was on the evaluation of financial projects, business models and industry perspectives as well as the implementation of modern financing solutions. During this time, I gained a deep insight into the development, philosophies and strategies of over 300 medium-sized companies and their leaders.

For over eight years, I was involved in the management of a project development company. As commercial director and associate, I was responsible for strategic development, finance and sales, along with the personnel, legal and IT.

I have been a freelance Corporate Copilot since 2016 and support companies in Germany as well as internationally.

As a family man I enjoy time with my wife and our two children. I am enthusiastic about skiing, sailing, football, volleyball, mountain biking and jogging - when my nose is not buried in a book.

Tobias Krampulz
Philipp-Reis-Weg 1
72555 Metzingen
Phone +49 7123 8798807

In an initial interview we can sound out the prospects of our possible collaboration – in confidence and free of charge.

You can reach me by phone, email or with the contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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